Quality and Attractive House Siding Options

Quality and Attractive House Siding Options

House siding usually makes the house more adorable and face lifted, the whole idea depends on which choice of siding you are pitching for your house. There are so many sidings which are available for your taking; the house in question also determines the type of siding to be used. Different types of the exterior improvements come with a variety of costs, but a good type of siding will definitely come with a higher cost and quality. The fun aspect of it is that your shelter will a major new upgrade in appearance, it’s not easy to choose an option for the task in general. When making a choice for a better option, bear in mind about quality, reliability, the costs and maintenance afterwards.


Major options:

There are many options when it comes to siding; here are some types which you can choose from depending on the type of house and costs. Vinyl siding, wood siding, Dutch lap, board and batten, Log cabin siding, synthetic stone, stucco siding, Fiber cement type, Brick siding, stone-veneer siding. The options are so many, but every choice suits a particular type of exterior plus the costs. Let’s look at a few options which are ideal for house siding;


Wood siding:

1). Wood siding is very ideal for bungalows, cottage and Cape Cod exteriors. The option often looks very attractive when fitted nicely, but this type comes with periodic refurbishing to make it look good for longer duration. Wood requires chalking, staining or painting to make it evade weather damaging. Rodents and insects invasion is another menace to beware of, but when properly maintained the wood siding can last for 10 years and more.

2). Clapboard or Shingles: clapboard involves planks which are inserted horizontally in a symmetric manner; the upper plank overlaps the lower wood in a nice finish. Shingles or shakes come in small pieces with uniform and smooth fitting; they can be cut in different sizes according to your choice. Good pieces are coated with fire-retardant chemicals for long lasting effect.

3). the cost of wood siding ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot, this is exclusive of the paintings or staining.


Vinyl siding:

1). Vinyl option is one of the most preferred siding in the United States owing to its low cost and easy maintenance, the siding is very lightweight and is easy to install and maintain. Many people may find it cheap because of its plastic look, but the process of installing it and maintenance is what is attractive with it.

2). Vinyl can be inserted over any existing surface without any improvement done, the time and labor involved is minimal compared to other types of house siding options.

3). Insulated Vinyl: is another improvement in the product with added layer of polystyrene foam, it offers an insulation of between R-2 to R-6 and considered to accelerate an Energy Star Qualification to the house. Its cost is up by 15% compared to regular vinyl products.

4). The cost of installing it is about $2 to $7 per square ft. Installation cost of a 2 story house is between $6000 to $13000.

Vinyl Siding

Dutch lap siding:

1). the siding was used several years back in Mid-Atlantic America in settlers time, the current product is just been modified over the years. Dutch lap is similar to the popular clapboard siding in wood, but it’s different due to its courses. The siding comes in several courses accentuated in reveals of between 3 to 5 inches.

2). the siding option is popular with wooden houses or structures; it has been popularly used in Northern parts of America and its environs.

3) Reveals: the siding comes in different reveals ranging from Double 4.5 inches, 5 inches, Quad 4.5 inches, Triple 4 inches and Double 4 inches.

4). Labor intensive: the process of installing the siding requires only experienced technicians; it is supposed to blend well in order to last long. Just like in wood siding, the Dutch lap has to be maintained frequently by painting and staining to make it durable.

5). It costs slightly more than the wood because of its courses and technology used. The approximate cost per square ft. is $ 7 to $12.


Board and batten siding:

1). Board and batten siding is another popular option when it comes to house’ exterior additions, the option is unique in the sense that two different types of woods can be used for board and batten. The design is made by vertical woods which are joined by narrower knots known as battens.

2). Cedar boards has been popularly used to design the siding, the battens can differ in width to create an alluring pattern. The siding is used so much in wooden houses where it fits well, it also been used in garage doors, orchard gates and many more.

3). Aesthetics: The board and batten siding is very ideal for exterior of any type of home, it fits so well in stone houses and wooden houses alike. But its nice look when properly fitted will woo you to the core, designing the siding is flexible for various sizes. They can be designed smaller or wider depending on individual needs.

4) Fiber cement board and batten is another approach the house siding option can be given; the fiber cement involves the board and batten which are well sealed with fiber cement at its joints. This is very durable and stable though maintenance should be applicable at all times.

5). Board and batten can be installed in different styles and fashion, the red cedar is popularly used in many parts of the world. Red painting or staining makes the house siding option to last longer against weather damages. The prices are approximately $ 8 to $15 per square ft.

Board And Batten Siding

Log cabin Siding:

1). the option in house siding involves the usage of wood which are well designed for the purpose; customized logs are popular in this type of siding. The wood is machine cut in different sizes according to the type of project involved; the log is put in place using cabins. Cabins are small pieces which decorate and keep the logs in place.

2). The siding option is been popularly used in constructing factories, guest houses in the jungles, horse houses, residential houses, cathedrals, Schools, there are many places where the house siding option has been applied.

3). Red cedar is the most material used when it comes to log cabin siding, the wood is painted red to add beauty to it. But in normal cases the cedar wood lasts longer and is ideal for this type of siding.

4) Log and cabin siding comes in different shapes and sizes, the big logs comes in 7 inches, there are also 12 inches and more. The popularly used wood is the cedar, American brown, Harvest brown and strong timber.

5). the log which is pressure treated offers a good service when it comes to this type of house siding, the logs are ideal for home construction due to their longevity and resistant to damages.

6). the average cost of this siding is in the range of $6 to $15 per square ft.

Log Cabin Siding

House siding is a very important aspect of construction due to its added beauty; the siding will not only add a nice view of the house but also cushions it. The siding is also meant to protect the house wall against direct impacts or any damage. The siding used will also depend on the type of house whether stone or wooden, siding like vinyl may not be attractive in wooden houses or outside factories. The cost involves is another factor which determines the option according to your budget. But all in all, a good and attractive house siding often add attraction to the house’ exterior.